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What the system is about?
How sure are you about your contractors’ attendance at properties?
Has the work requested been completed successfully?
Are they licensed, OHS compliant and working to Australian Standards?

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How does the system work?

Touch’n’Tell service tracking system is a software application that can be loaded onto a mobile phone or tablet (Apple or Android).
The software uses internet technology to relay information direct to your office.
Contractors download the app from the Apple or Android App Stores to their mobile phone, and use a QR Code or barcode at the building to scan on and off and report task completion.
All contractors working at the property are required to step through the system, answering a series of questions, taking only moments, before starting any work.
The management console can be installed quickly and easily in your office and at any property you choose to subscribe for.


Touch’n’Tell service tracking system is a software application that can be loaded onto a mobile phone or tablet (Apple or Android).


All employees are required to Check-In to a site before commencing any work.


Employees are required to answer questions like if they obtained a work permit or not.


Employees locations can be tracked on all sites.


Safety checks are required before commencing any work and employees must acknowledge these questions.


Once all questions are completed employee can commence work.
Check-In to Site

All employees must check-in to a site before commencing any work...

OHS / Safety Check

Employees are required to answer questions about ohs permits etc...

Location Tracking

All employees locations are track to see if they are on site...

Start Work

Once all questions are answered then employee can start work!...

The System Protocols

  • On arrival, Contractors log on to the system and record the work order number or the name of the person authorising work.
  • The system asks the Contractor to verify that OHS regulations are being followed for all activities. If the answer is no, the system communicates a STOP WORK alert
  • Before starting work, the Contractor uses a simple drop down box to record the task
  • On completion, the Contractor records whether work has been completed successfully or not
  • If work is not completed successfully, a red alert message is automatically sent to your office
  • The system records time IN to the site and time OUT of the site
  • New
  • The system has a geotag facility, making it possible to track movements, so that if your    contractor moves more than 50 metres from the property without scanning out, both you and the contractor will be alerted.
  • Contractors can be prequalified to work on-site by providing their trade licence, evidence of public liability insurance and Occupational Health and Safety documentation.



Who can benefit?

  • The system suits managers of
  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • High rise and low rise buildings
  • Shopping centres, medical facilities, sports
  • You can offer a higher level of service to your clients, giving them confidence that they don’t need to have concerns about completion of works, as the system ensures that you are in full control of the maintenance and safety in their building.

Benefits to your business

  • You’ll know at any time whether a contractor has arrived at a property, whether or not work has been completed successfully and when the contractor has left. The Touch and Tell system gives you immediate, live information, via internet on how work is progressing in every building where it is installed
  • The geotag operating in the tracking system will let you know if the contractor has left the property, without signing out
  • You get immediate information on completion of the task and a red alert if a task is incomplete
  • You’ll have a record of the status of all works ready to print out and take to body corporate Annual General Meetings
  • You can rest assured that only your approved contractors, following appropriate safety protocols are working at your properties, so your public liability insurance is safe


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